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Special Promotions

Classic Auto Resources’ Incentive Clients create life long memories and exceptional recognition

Corporate incentive programs:

  • Employees will go the extra mile for an opportunity to drive a classic Corvette convertible
  • Outstanding sales people and employees enjoy unique recognition ideas

Customer incentive programs:

    • Have you ever tried customer sweepstakes to obtain email and contact addresses?
    • Customers want an outstanding experience and many have fond memories of their classic cars


  • Draw attention to your business with a classic car on display to support your very unique promotion

Classic Auto Resources offers an incentive program with high quality photos and digital images to support an awesome promotional program. We offer our clients ideas to help create the most value from one of the best motivational approaches you will ever experience.

Do you want to do traditional incentives?

Or how about a huge incentive program where the perceived value is so unique and way above the actual cost?

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